It is recommended to have a supervisor during maintenance activities. A supervisor can provide the contractor information needed to keep the job safe and without unnecessary breaks. The contractor is escorted by the supervisor to the workplace and monitors the work methods.

The status of the flange joints of must be continuously recorded by supervision. It is essential to have well educated professionals to be able to supervise responsibly. The aim is to recognizing problems and obstacles in time to increase the flange joint integrity.

We can carry out supervision, but we also help asset owners and contractors to have supervision carried out by their own employees.

The tasks of a supervisor can be the following:

  • Preparing Joint Assembly Records in accordance with the guidelines.

  • Providing on-the-job training and give instructions to flange fitters.

  • Maintaining and analyzing Joint Assembly Records, and bolting specialist performance, including meeting the requirements.

  • Ensuring that flange fitters and other personnel perform their duties in accordance with the guidelines and all applicable site standards and requirements.