Engineering is everything

We offer engineering solutions to maintain the flange joint integrity. The solutions are tailored to your business, from single engineering calculation to multiple asset, enterprise level deployments. You can benefit from the complete assurance of independently verified calculations.

Our services

  • Standard flange calculations.

  • Custom flange calculations.

  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA).

  • Assembly protocols.

  • Inspection protocols.

Benefits of Flange Management

Standards provide guidelines to an asset owner for dealing with condition monitoring of flange connections during the management or operation of the pipeline system. Calculations, assembly protocols and inspection protocols are needed for maintenance, pre-commissioning and commissioning phases. An asset owner specifies to what code the company must qualify. The calculations and protocols outlines all of the parameters required to perform the flange connection operation according the specified code.

We offer extensive technical knowledge to develop your protocols because we understand exactly what is needed to engineering durable and reliable flange connections and improve the flange joint integrity. If you have 10 or 100.000 joints, we can generate protocols of all your joints.

  • Improved safety and environmental performance.

  • Reduced project/turnaround schedules.

  • Reduced resource requirements and costs.

  • Reduced pressure/integrity testing costs.

  • Increased productivity.

  • Improved profitability.

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